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You have entered an adult-content zone. Material posted to this journal may be graphic in nature, and minors are advised not to click on any lj cut leading to posts that are clearly marked as NC-17. If you're not of age, please don't read.

To quote some other folks, if I've friended you it's because I like your writing, and would like to keep current on your work. There's no need to friend back, but if you'd like to that's certainly okay. (...And if my friending you causes alarm in any fashion, I apologize. In that case, simply leave a coment requesting a de-friend. ...It will probably result in a silent stalking of future public fic-postings instead). ^^

...And as an addendum to my friending policy, for anyone with an empty journal or a journal in a language that I can't read (i.e. anything other than English), please don't be offended if I don't friend back. A few of my works are friends-only, so if you'll be reading them, I'd like to know something about who you are.

My rather stressful day job means that I don't post much and mostly lurk on the internet. On the other hand, it's also probably the main reason why I seek escapism through fanfic. ^_^ I'm relatively new to Saiyuki and the other works of Minekura Kazuya, but have been into anime/manga for a rather long time. As a fanauthor, I enjoy thinking outside the box, and following plotlines that stray quite far from the mainstream. Most of my fics are answers to challenges, and if you read them (and this), then I hope you enjoy the ride. ^_^